Bachelor/Master Programme Application

Academic Year 2021/2022


  • Applications to Bachelor/Diploma/Master degree courses can be made only by means of this online application procedure. In the event of any problems, or should any further information or clarification regarding the online application procedure be required, please contact the department/affiliated school that conducts the degree course for which the application is being made.
  • The online application procedure is begun automatically by clicking on the link sent to the email address specified by the applicant (to be entered into the field at the bottom of the page). It is therefore advisable to provide an email address that is valid and that can be accessed.
    Applicants who have begun but not completed the online application procedure may be contacted by SUPSI, by email, and offered assistance.
  • It is possible to interrupt the procedure at any time, and subsequently use the link received by email in order to return to the application. All information can be revised or modified at any time, until the final version of the application has been sent, before the specified deadline.
  • The online application procedure is concluded formally only once the application fee has been paid (by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or by PostCard and Diners).
  • The online payment transaction takes place in full safety; all the information provided is ciphered, allowing the credit card security code to be entered. The service provider guarantees a certified security standard.
  • The application fee must be paid for each application to a degree course, and, in principle, amounts to CHF 100.-, except for applications to the affiliate schools, the regulations for which specify other amounts.
  • The attachments required in order to complete the application must be sent at the same time as the on-line application. For the Department of Teaching and Learning, documents must be sent by priority or registered post, and no later than 5 working days after the application date.
  • Applications that are incomplete or that lack the required documents, which must be sent by priority post or as registered letter no later than 5 working days after the application date (proven by post stamp), will not be considered as valid.
  • Once the procedure has been completed, a confirmation email will be sent for both the completion of the application procedure and for the payment of the application fee. It will no longer be possible to alter the information entered. Should any rectifications or corrections be necessary, contact the secretary’s office of the department/affiliated school to which the application was made
  • Applicants from other Countries (non-EU/EFTA)

    Applicants from other Countries (non-EU/EFTA) must first undergo preliminary checks regarding their eligibility for the course, and pass any competitive and/or ability examinations that may be required. Admission then depends on a permit of stay being issued by the appropriate Cantonal and Federal Authorities.

    Foreigners who are required to obtain a visa must make a visa application to the Swiss Consular representation abroad that has jurisdiction for their place of domicile. The visa application form is issued free of charge by this representation office abroad. It must be accompanied by the travel document, and, if requested, by further documentation testifying the reason for the journey.

    For administrative reasons, applications to SUPSI must be made by 15 April 2021, while applications to the Cantonal Authorities for foreigners, together with the required documents, must be received by the SUPSI Executive by 30 June 2021.

    Matriculation is completed provisionally until the applicant presents a copy of the residence certificate obtained, and becomes final only once this document has been received by SUPSI.

    Applicants who must sit selection examinations significantly in advance of the start of their courses will usually receive short-term entry visas for study purposes, issued by the Swiss Consular representation abroad, in order to sit these examinations. Consult the following website for further information.
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